Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of services do you offer?

We design, print, and distribute flyers/door hangers for all types of businesses and event promoters.

2. What kind of distributions do you offer?

We can distribute to homes, businesses, or to people on the street. We also offer a coupon newspaper where we combine many different offers and send them out to 10,000 homes in a predetermined zip code.

3. What is your minimum requirement for distributions?

We require at least 1,000 flyers for printing + distribution. We can handle quantities lower than this if you only need distribution.

4. How do you plan out the distribution?

You can choose a residential zip code and we will be able to tell you how many houses are in the area. We’ll then plot out a route based on this information. For street promotion, you can choose a busy foot traffic area(s) for us to target.

5. Do you place the flyers in mailboxes?

We never place flyers in mailboxes because it is illegal. Instead, we’ll stick them on top which is perfectly fine.

6. How much do you charge per flyer? 

We charge depending on how many flyers you’ll be advertising with. The prices also depend on several different factors and we would be able to give you a better quote once we know a bit more about your goals and business.

7. How long does it take you to distribute flyers?

We can generally handle distributions of all sizes and schedules. We can space out the distributions on a weekly or monthly basis as well.

8. How are the distributions accounted for?

We track all distributions through live GPS and can tell exactly how long and where our distributors are working. We also do area sweeps periodically to ensure everything is being done as planned.

9. How many people do you use per campaign?

This depends on the urgency of the campaign as well as other factors. We can use as many people as needed to get the job done in the timeframe you request.